The Next Wave of nano foul release Coatings

Welcome to our Website! Seacoat Australasia specialises in high-performance Silane/Siloxane advanced hull coating systems for the marine environment. Seacoat’s unique technology forms a hard yet flexible elastomeric coating that is impermeable and highly durable. Seacoat has been primarily designed and tested for over 20 years on all types and sizes of vessels from private to commercial. We have your bottom covered. Our primary products are as follows:

Seapoxy-73 is our marine-grade barrier coating.

SEA-SPEED V10X Ultra Clear is our Foul release coating.

Armor-SIL R/G for props and shafts coating system.

Available soon – Clear coatings for inflatable boats, both PVC and Hypalon.

Available soon – A Complete DIY Roll/Brush On Foul release coating system.

Our range are all truly non-toxic and environmentally sustainable solutions for bottom painting with proven longevity of 10 years or more and has no toxic cuprous oxides or biocides, provides reduction in drag, increases in speed and fuel savings; reported up to 10% while being impermeable and forms a slippery surface. Hulls can be cleaned by hand or mechanical without damage to the coatings. Will not polish or ablate, can be applied on small vessels that are trailered for extended periods or stored on racks. Does not contain any poisons or toxic elements that become non-functional when removed from the water.

Seacoat is only manufactured in America with the highest quality and environmental standards. We now stock Seacoat products locally here in Australia.

How we can help you


Seacoat is an excellent choice for people who have trailer boats or keep them on racks for extended periods of time and do not wish to use traditional toxic anti-fouling paints.

SAILING - MONO / Catamaran

Whether you’re cruising or racing, it’s crucial to eliminate friction on your hull. Seacoat products outperform any product on the market.

Pleasure Boats / Motor Yachts

Big or small, the key to getting the most out of your boat is to keep costs, fuel, downtime, and hassles to a minimum, Seacoat offers the worlds first solutions to this problem.


Seacoat invented the first hard film polysiloxane FRC for commercial and military maritime uses, opening a world of new industrial applications in Australia.

Seacoat opens in Australia - Local stock, Local delivery.

We plan to revolutionise the traditional Anti Fouling industry with an environmentally friendly non-toxic solution that helps power the marine industry ahead. Reduce fuel consumption, downtime and save our fragile ocean environment.

10+ Year Life

Environmentally Safe

Fuel Savings

Low Drag/Ultra Smooth

Increased Speed

Highly Durable


Zero VOC's


“Sea-Speed created quite a bit of interest here in Australia when we first applied it to our 24′ racing trimaran. The surface cured hard and slippery, which is great on a racing boat, and I am sure this low coefficient of friction helped us win the Australian National Championships. The bonus was getting a surface that allowed me to leave the boat in the water between races and while cruising, without the slowness and ugliness of traditional antifouling. If any slime started to form in a few weeks, we simply wiped it off with a cloth!”
Peter Hackett
Owner Intrigue
"As a yacht captain in the mega yacht industry, I am always looking for new and improved products to better serve the owner. I found a remarkable new product with SEACOAT TECHNOLOGY, Their Sea-Speed product has increased my top speed significantly."

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