Pleasure Boats

SEA-SPEED V 10 x Ultra is perfect marine paint for all types of boats. (Aluminum, FRC, Fiberglass,Gel Coat and or on wooden sailboats, sailing yachts,sport fishing boats and mega yachts of all sizes.

Commercial Marine

SEA-SPEED V 10 X Hard Film (Silane/Siloane and Polysiloxane), foul release coasting with our Mil-SPEC Seapoxy 73 marine epoxy primer is designed for application to steel or aluminum huls on all types of commercial vessels.

Cruise Ships

SEA-SPEED V 10 X hard film Silane/Siloxane, FRC technology is an environmentally safe alternative to traditional toxic anti-fouling paint. Lasting longer than conventional paint and with an ultra smooth fuel efficient hull coating.

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Seacoat Technology delivers high performance Siloxane, Silane and polysiloxane paint and coating technology to the complete marine industry. Non toxic and environmentally safe and friendly solutions for bottom painting as alternatives to conventional toxic and short lifespan antifouling. Seacoat is the leader in the development of advanced Silane Foul release coatings (FRC) for all types of vessels. We deliver next generation solutions today.


"As a yacht captain in the mega yacht industry i am always looking for new and improved products to better serve the owner. i found a remarkable new product with SEACOAT TECHNOLOGY , Their SPEEDSPEED product has increased my top speed.

Shane Menere Captain

i wanted to send a quick note regarding my experience with your product, SEASPEED V3 I just had my refurbished high performance boat coated with SEA-SPEED V# as i keep it in the water all the time

Denis Fosterp President Fosters Marine Group

“Sea-Speed created quite a bit of interest here in Australia when we first applied it to our 24′ racing tri-maran. The surface cured hard and slippery, which is great on a racing boat, and I am sure this low coefficient of friction helped us win the Australian National Championships. The bonus was getting a surface that allowed me to leave the boat in the water between races and while cruising, without the slowness and ugliness of traditional antifouling. If any slime started to form in a few weeks, we simply wiped it off with a cloth!”

Peter Hackett Owner Intrigue

Our Plans

We plan to revolutionise the Anti Fouling industry with an environmentally friendly non-non-toxic solution that powers ahead the marine industry. Seacoat opens in Australia - Local stock, Local delivery.